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Millennials, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha

Category: Life

I am much very overdo for posting my mindless rambling here, and of course the time I randomly start thinking about the different age groups, this site is currently at each other's throats about kids and older people. But who knows maybe that'll give this post more attention, but who knows if that'll be a good or bad thing. I'll go ahead and say I am on the borderline of Millennials and Gen Z, so ... » Continue Reading

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This song has been living rent free in my head

Category: Music

And now I'm going to make all of you listen to the dookie song » Continue Reading

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Just realized how unhelpful basic DNI is

Category: SpaceHey

"DNI if you're racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc." Okay but what does that mean exactly? Many people have different meanings for those words and what they think makes someone a bigot. Can I still interact if I like offensive jokes? Can I still interact if I criticize groups or think it's okay for others to do so? We can all agree hate is bad, but are jokes and criticism okay? Though I should pr... » Continue Reading

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Mental Health is so weird

Category: Life

Hello I am here to make the 32845284th "lol I'm mentally ill" post on this site. So only recently I learned there's a difference between Schizoid and Schizophrenia, well and also the fact Schizoid is a thing. I only heard the term very few times so I just assumed it was a variant of saying Schizo or something. I have been called a Schizo a few times by people, but I have no idea if they were insul... » Continue Reading

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Did you know that I used to use Tumblr?

Category: Blogging

Sometimes on here I'll see people that say "Follow me on Tumblr too!" and I'm like 'Woooah I forgot that was a site that existed" Despite as a teen I used it every single day reblogging stuff as it was my only source of being in touch with my niche fandoms. It was the mid 2010s I stopped using it though, I remember getting tired of politics that started to fill the site and how the site's userbase... » Continue Reading

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Kirby's Air-raid

Category: Games

I probably noticed this detail just to then forget and repeat the process. But it's just interesting to me when games would tease other games. This part in Melee obviously teasing Kirby's Air Ride. Very fun game by the way you should play it. Do games still have Easter Eggs in them? Are they less common? I remember young me being so entertained by them but now I don't see them talked about anymore... » Continue Reading

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In Melee you can play as the Master Hand without cheats

Category: Games

Directions from the Smash Wiki: "The player must have a controller in slot 3, or Master Hand cannot be controlled. It is much easier to do if there is only one name entered. Using this controller, place the cursor over the name field on the character selection screen. Now press the A  and B buttons  at the same time, and the player will come to the name selection. Hold the B button, but release th... » Continue Reading

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Discord doing the big dumb

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

So there's gonna be an update to how usernames work in Discord. Tags won't be a thing anymore, instead you have to use a unique username no one else will have and then have a display name, which I think is how Twitter works. I miss old internet but this is one thing I can easily live without: having to worry about taken usernames and trying to come up with something unique. Sure you can just add n... » Continue Reading

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Is there a term for when you suddenly do something wrong or get things mixed up?

Category: Life

I don't know if this is an Autism thing or Mentally Challenged thing or what but all my life since I was little I would have moments where I mess up badly. The best example I could give id like let's say I have a task to do. I have done this task almost daily for several months. I know exactly what has to be done. But despite that I might have days where I feel confused. I feel as if I never learn... » Continue Reading

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Pro tip for Terraria

Category: Games

During Hardmode the type the skeleton enemies that spawn in the dungeon are dependent on the wall's background. I just now learned this last night. Okay good bye and good luck. » Continue Reading

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