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Did you know that I used to use Tumblr?

Sometimes on here I'll see people that say "Follow me on Tumblr too!" and I'm like 'Woooah I forgot that was a site that existed" Despite as a teen I used it every single day reblogging stuff as it was my only source of being in touch with my niche fandoms. It was the mid 2010s I stopped using it though, I remember getting tired of politics that started to fill the site and how the site's userbase was getting more and more extreme in their views.

Anyways the two reasons I am bringing up Tumblr is because Youtube is randomly showing me Homestuck videos and that I just need more random pages to fill up my blog in hopes I will look less like a whiney bitch.

Before being the depressed and jaded adult I am I had several interests as a teen, Homestuck was one of them. Because of the AI voice meme I randomly got recommended a video about Obama, Trump, and Biden preparing to go to a con cosplaying as trolls. After that I have been seeing videos I remember watching from 11 years ago. Thought about rereading the series but remembering how much reading it has overwhelms me. Back then since it still had updates that made it easier for me. But another reason is I remember often being confused as well, a lot of the time and space traveling and all the paradoxes or whatever always went over my head so I'll probably stick to Pesterquest and Friendsim. There's Hiveswap too buuut I hate the concept of a game being sold in episodes. I remember not being alone though as I remember other readers bringing up the story confuses them and they mostly care about Troll lore and the character interactions.

Oh right, this blog is about Tumblr. Well Homestuck had a huge following on that site and as stated before, I liked it cause it was the only place I can take part in all my fandoms, I was super into Yume Nikki, it's fangames, and OFF as well. Also Touhou but for whatever reason I didn't follow much Touhou things there, I was mostly using Youtube for that. It was also one of the only sites I had my friends use as well, me and my friends weren't that open about other online spaces we were in, but Tumblr was one thing we didn't mind sharing. It was a fun time just seeing the other interests we had, wasn't into them so we had nothing to say but it was nice to just see it. It's weird to explain. I guess it's like when you have no desire to have the same hobby as your friend but it makes you happy to see them show it off and simply listen to them talk about it.

These flashbacks are making me miss old Tumblr, I actually feel too uneasy to use it again beyond looking at my old blog every now and then for the nostalgia. If the userbase was unbearable for me back then then I don't think I want to see what they're up to today. I know you are in control of who to follow and all that but I remember struggling to get away from it. Felt like if I was able to cut it all out then I barely had any content at all so it wasn't worth it anymore and I don't really like joining a site just to spend hours to find ONE person who may or may not be interesting to follow. But I am not a content creator so I can't do much myself either. Maybe I just miss being a happy teen and having things that interested me and was involved in my life.

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Nowadays I just like tumblr for looking at whatever Toby Fox posted. I used to use it a bit back in the days, it was just minecraft posts or reposts of comics or interest at the time. Tho speaking of the comic I remember the time where I comforted my own depressing mental state with undertale fanmade comics lol... It's always around winter time where my mental state becomes the worst.

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tumblrs pretty chill now iirc

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Alveus Nosville

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Yume Nikki, Touhou - the few things that unite Tumblr and 4chane are to be always treasured.
I was never a big user of Tumblr, but for an Undertale commic or two, but my understanding is that the loudest political discourse moved on to Twitter. I'd be surprised - or more so horrified if it tumblr managed to retain that kind of level of it.

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I did kinda think about maybe the more extremed people moved on to Twitter but I dunno. Feels like every website has a loud minority that kinda ruins the experience for me. Maybe one day for nostalgia's sake I'll log into my old account.

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