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"The bitter scribe of the redwood forest."

minors pls dni !!

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oracle decks

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

:root{ --gray: #6F6B66; /* post background color */ --logo-blue: #000000; /* navigation background color */ --lighter-blue: #000000; /* nav links background */ --lightest-blue: #383633; /*sidebar background */ --light-orange: #6F6B66; /* comments table first child background */ --even-lighter-orange: #6F6B66; /* comments table second child background */ --borders:; --font-family: terminal, small f... » Continue Reading

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its wednesday

Category: Blogging

took the kids to school this morning. had to get after the whirlwind for needing me to explicitly tell her every step of getting ready in between her trying to grab the ipad. boys, whirlwind, boy. got some coffee from the place across from the supermarket. (what defines it as a supermarket rather than just a regular market?) gram went home today. left for r**'s around 10 then to the airport. i wen... » Continue Reading

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girls can kiss now

Category: Books and Stories

i made a goal at the start of the year to read 23 books & we r off to a very bad start as its mid march and i just finished the first one :] girls can kiss now by jill gutowitz is a collection of essays on the lesbian experience and pop culture, and was the first book we read for our lgbt book club. idk. it was pretty good. the chapter "kiss me, murder me in the woods" is rlly sticking to me rn. i... » Continue Reading

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fursday night posting

Category: Life

i'll probably stick with vent up until it stops being. vent. [vaguely gestures to. the clone. ] which. i'm assuming will be s00n. short form stuff will go there still since i'm not fully comfortable doing what i do there (posting every inane thought that crosses my mind) here or anywhere else. but. [shrug.] nyways. just go » Continue Reading

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everything happens so much

Category: Life

like. way too much. february went by so fucking fast.  my dnd group finished the campaign we've been doing for a year and a half. vent's going down for good. i'm moving at the start of april. hhhh. last week we beat the BBEG. yesterday we had a little epilog session. i'm retiring juugo, but not bridgefel. they still have stuff to do. nyx almost made me cry. he went back through the portal, with jo... » Continue Reading

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