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i deserve a tail!!!!!!

a tumblr post by user youmegravity. it's a simple drawing of a person with a flat expression, with an arrow pointing at them saying "having a great time." the post is captioned "i need people to understand that sometimes autism is just this."
on one hand if people had tails like dogs it would be SO devastating for My Brand because i would be standing there dead eyed at work or something but my tail would be going fuckin off the CHARTS. like aww is lil doggy gunna go see their friend after work?? 🤭 aww puppy got plans?? disastrous.

but oh my GODDDDDDD let me have a tail !!!!!!!!!!!!! let me express my joy via aggressive tail wagging even with my lack of facial movements!!!!!! let my friends know i'm having a good time even if i look like a miserable little beast!!!!! i am WIGGLING i am going INSANE. also. give me. soft ears. woof. woof woof WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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I very very much agree with this. Having soft fox ears atop my head would be wonderful for expression, as would a tail of the same nature. Flattening my ears to the sides whenever I am pet, pulling them back whenever threatened. Flicking my tail when content or having it between my legs when scared. Truly would be wonderful.

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ooh have you seen those tails that can wag?
I would like a tail but imma get bullied -_-

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