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fursday night posting

i'll probably stick with vent up until it stops being. vent. [vaguely gestures to. the clone.] which. i'm assuming will be s00n. short form stuff will go there still since i'm not fully comfortable doing what i do there (posting every inane thought that crosses my mind) here or anywhere else. but. [shrug.]

nyways. just got out of dnd :] it was rlly fun. 🍰 dm'd a one shot & it was v v v good, very g00fy. mostly the cursed four gang + toss & two new characters from gail's campaign. it was a birthday.  tournament. party. for a shitty 13yo. we used some CAH cards for prompts. silly silly.
we won. infinite wishes?? thanks auro. we um. wiped arete's mind. hain burnt down his father's kingdom. two glass cannons for the new friends. bridgefel now knows. every language. auro is essentially a god. and we're not allowed to call halfar short which is the BIGGEST CRIME i'm just picturing nyx, juugo, and frixzz all l00king up at the same time across dimensions like. something just happened.
oh, and bridgefel got space jam on VHS, so i think my new plan for bridge is just. discover human technology. 

b33n shiny hunting for a galarian zigzag00n. currently at 300+ from eggs, and 190 battled. i am in hell.

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