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its wednesday

took the kids to school this morning. had to get after the whirlwind for needing me to explicitly tell her every step of getting ready in between her trying to grab the ipad. boys, whirlwind, boy. got some coffee from the place across from the supermarket. (what defines it as a supermarket rather than just a regular market?)

gram went home today. left for r**'s around 10 then to the airport. i went back to bed after that and was out until half past one. r** brought the whirlwind home from school and then me and her went to go pick up the boys. p**** went to his girlfriends house, o**** got a ride from a friend, so it was just o***. we took the dogs with us, because it seemed like a better idea than just letting them roam. theyve been getting into neighbors yards recently, its really fucking annoying.

not letting the whirlwind on the ipad. her dad can let her when he gets home but i don't think she really needs it. she was painting while i took a shower.

o**** should take a fucking break from video games because i can hear him losing his fucking mind in his room over war thunder, he's playing with o*** who's being normal. p**** just got back and is in the driveway with his girlfriend. whirlwind's taking a nap by me on the couch. i'm a little overstimulated so once dad gets home i'll probably head into my room for a little while. actually i could probably do that now since she's knocked out. i don't work tomorrow so i'll have that, at least.

it's january 17th, that's what i've grown to consider pete's birthday. it's weird. he's been my little guy for ten years now.

a screen shot of pete thelman from south park. he is smiling.

hbd boy :]

xxx hal

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