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looking for some help with a preoblemmm

Category: Friends

so a lil pal of mine… i wanna introduce that guy to rammstein and MAYBE kmfdm but i’m not reallllllyy down to take my chances. so, lemme describe this fellah: tall (around 5’9), really skinny but not deathly skinny, a neo nazi , homophobic while being gay himself (he’s just in denial trust me), buzz cut, faces a whole DAMN cheese pie (been this way since iiiiiiidunnoooouuuuu 1989 lol), sensitive b... » Continue Reading

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ranting (p2)

Category: Blogging

life update: it is shit I have no fucking energy to do this or overexagerate (big deal!) and its all bc of an attention-seeking whore, a retarded kid who gets his mommy all up in his biz, and someone I fucking considered my greatest fucking friend (a fuck named andre). why? BECAUSE ANDRE decided to fucking betray me like judas and jesus JUST to “get closer” with the aforementioned attention-seekin... » Continue Reading

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passports and concerts

Category: Travel and Places

so, recently, ive been eyeing the lil kmfdm concert in hungary cuz APPARENTLY all the other concerts got cancelled..??? (what the fuck) AND i live rreeeeaally close to hungary (i can walk to the damn border) so i wanna go.  problem: my passport expired a YEAR AGO and my parents have not taken me to renew it despite them going on all these funky trips to turkey, the uk, germany, shabadabadingdong n... » Continue Reading

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contemporary english poetry

Category: Writing and Poetry

contemporary english poetry just does NOT make sense. its just words strung together. they dont rhyme, they just have a common theme and sound fancy or existential i dunno if this is how poetry is written in countries outside of europe but isn’t poetry supposed to rhyme??? why THE FUCK does modern day poetry have no rhyme, thats kinda my only problem; why does it not rhyme?? are poems and poetry d... » Continue Reading

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Category: Music

80s rock bands are absolutely livid  KMFDM’s origin is a low-budget performance project that was formed by konietzko and 4 other polish guys he met in a damn whorehouse fucken hilarious ALSO this segment is damn vile  "A friend of ours came up one day and asked us as a joke if it stood for Kill Mother Fucking Depeche Mode," says Konietzko, "so we started telling people that's what it meant." He pa... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

have you ever wanted to just be a completely different person? like just go to sleep one day and wake up as the polar opposite of who you are? life is shit, school started and it’s barely the second day and it’s already fucked.. i dunno if i’ll be able to ACTUALLY make it to college on the flip side, i got a role in some film my classmates are filming so.. thats good? i hate being filmed tho, ik i... » Continue Reading

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