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From my flip phone :D

Category: Art and Photography

so i ditched my iphone for a flip phone (and life has NOT changed .. its really easy to switch imo) so heres some photos from it B)) Meee :3 » Continue Reading

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from my flip phone #2

Category: Blogging

my wall!! with my fav fall out boy poster ( I LOVE U PETE WENTZ)  » Continue Reading

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my fav albums ever

Category: Music

i'm more of a songs over albums type of guy but here r the albums i do adore three cheers for sweet revenge - my chemical romance i brought you my bullets, you brought me your love - my chemical romance infinity on high - fall out boy take this to your grave - fall out boy from under the cork tree - fall out boy because i can - katy rose noises from the basement - skye sweetnam hot fuss - the kill... » Continue Reading

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Category: Food and Restaurants

i'm thinking of becoming a vegatarian ... why not frank iero is a vegatarian and he's hot so i trust him » Continue Reading

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Category: Music

gonna be hosting a beach party when i go to san diego this summer (u guys can come if ur in the area :P) and here's the playlist!! (heavily inspired by mary kate and ashley LOLZ) fly - sugar ray walkin' on the sun - smash mouth island in the sun - weezer sunday morning - no doubt flo - smash mouth i want you to want me - letters to cleo grand theft autumn / where is your boy - fall out boy kiss me... » Continue Reading

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my fav music rn <333

Category: Music

heres some songs i'm really digging (that aren't my usually mcr and fob :P) makedamnsure - taking back sunday overdrive - katy rose 7 words - deftones  the curse of curves - cute is what we aim for crooked teeth - death cab for cutie someday - the strokes not the same anymore - the strokes smile like you mean it - the killers lifestyles of the rich and the famous - good charlotte do right - jimmie... » Continue Reading

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music xx

Category: Music

YOOO cubicles by mcr is like the fucking song to ever exist ever I LOVE YOU GERARD WAY!!! i listen to it and think about hot work guy i saw ... come back to me my love » Continue Reading

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luv life

Category: Romance and Relationships

my ex has like completely moved on and i should be happy for him but i can't help but feel upset:( i'm like .. love starved .. it sucks man i just want a fucking bf!! one who looks like gerard way or frank iero and is nice to me.... i actually saw this really cute guy at work and i still remember everything about him bc he looked JUST like gerard... i want him so bad.. also my coworker looks just ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

UGHHH . it's almost 3 am and i'm tired but i don't want to sleep bc when i wake up i have to go to work and my least fav boss is gonna be there.. but i don't want to stay up and run off fumes the whole day there.. UGH!!!! plus i'm having some weird food issues and i'm so BORED! i feel like none of my friends r ever online anymore..... whatever i'm getting my radio today so i can finally listen to ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

this site needs a top 8!! like an equivalent... top 5... top 10.. idc!! i just want one   » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

hiii as u know i'm molleigh!! i aspire everyday to be like a cool early 2000s movie!! i'm a horror hound and love anything gross ! i'm in love with frank iero , kris lemche , and johnny knoxville (and many other cute celebs) . i'm homeschooled . i'm gonna be a theatre major and aspire to be an actress one day!! that's basically all u need to know about me!! reply with some facts about urself so we... » Continue Reading

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