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my fav music rn <333

heres some songs i'm really digging (that aren't my usually mcr and fob :P)

makedamnsure - taking back sunday
overdrive - katy rose
7 words - deftones 
the curse of curves - cute is what we aim for
crooked teeth - death cab for cutie
someday - the strokes
not the same anymore - the strokes
smile like you mean it - the killers
lifestyles of the rich and the famous - good charlotte
do right - jimmie's chicken shack
work it out - the weekend (not the weeknd...)
on the way down - ryan cabrera
swing swing - the all american rejects
falling for you - weezer
party up - hillary duff
flesh into gear - CKY
sappy - nirvana
i want you to want me - letters to cleo
here and now - letters to cleo
sugar - stretch princess
colossal youth - moonpools & caterpillars 
duality - slipknot
make me bad - korn
heidi cakes - land of the loops
crucified - army of lovers
mother mother - tracy bonham

i could go on LOLZ i adore music sooo much 

the way sibs <3

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