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Games list!

Category: Games

I’m rlly sad this site doesn’t have a game section on ur profile so I’m going to write my game list here in case anyone wants 2 talk about them!  Mobile games (on and off, all EN servers)  •Ensemble stars (frequent) •Fate Grand Order (hardly but I still talk about it) •Touken Ranbu (only game I play JP) •Papa’s Sushiria  Currently playing: •Chaos;Child  •Silent Hill  •Metal Gear Revengance  » Continue Reading

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OC Redraw!

Category: Art and Photography

I found some of my old art on my very old ipad mini and came across this funky little gal: I don’t remember ever really giving her a name or anything, I just drew this one time when I was rlly sad and so I liked this design so much that I went and redrew it!  » Continue Reading

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OC Art!!

Category: Art and Photography

Finally decided to post my art on here after much hesitation and here it is! What piece is better to start than featuring the two OCs I don’t shut up about AND consists of me messing around with my style, amirite?  Anyway! There’s r my two OCs, Beryl and Kenji! Their Toyhouse pages r a mess and need to be updated but basically they’re roommates! I’ll probably talk more about them either in another... » Continue Reading

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So my cat has a hater apparently

Category: Pets and Animals

I was going to make this a bulletin but this is honestly too funny that I decided to make this a blog post.  For starters, my cat is 100% an indoor cat. We don’t let her outside and keep her in at all times. However, like most indoor cats, she LOVES to sit by windows and our living room has a lot of them. She has a particular favorite window that’s next to her house and loves to look outside regar... » Continue Reading

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Music help for beginners?

Category: Music

Hiii! So years ago I really wanted to make music but gave up on it bc I made one song and HATED how it sounded. I have not taken any music courses or anything and have basically zero experience with it and it rlly showed in that one song. I won’t link it here but it is still available on SoundCloud but it’s honestly bad.  Anyway, the reason why I’m talking about this is bc I noticed a lot of peopl... » Continue Reading

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Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

A man was selling earrings at my campus today!! I got rlly excited and bought some, look how cute!! » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

Good morning everyone! How are you all doing today?  I got to Uni super early because I’m just used to getting here like 2 hours before class so I’m just happily watching Precure until it’s time to go!  I hope the rest of you are also having a good morning! ^^ » Continue Reading

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Stamps? Help?

Category: SpaceHey

Actually, I was looking at some profiles and thought "Stamps???? I want some!" but I not only have no clue where to get them but I also don't know how to put them?  I want to put some of my interests and faves but I feel really dumb and don't know where to find them. I already struggled with the bg music so I decided to ask for once rather than suffer for an hour.  » Continue Reading

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Ok so I'm a little lost

Category: SpaceHey

I made a spacehey today because I noticed some of my mutuals making it and thought "wow! These pages are very cute! I want to make one!" So I had my fun with customization and now what? I don't know where to start, I'm a little lost on what I can do here and use this blog for :T Also, I know some people started making DNIs but honestly I don't really care enough to do that, just b a decent person ... » Continue Reading

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