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Music help for beginners?

Hiii! So years ago I really wanted to make music but gave up on it bc I made one song and HATED how it sounded. I have not taken any music courses or anything and have basically zero experience with it and it rlly showed in that one song. I won’t link it here but it is still available on SoundCloud but it’s honestly bad. 

Anyway, the reason why I’m talking about this is bc I noticed a lot of people on here make music so I wanted to ask some tips about making music as well as any free music software I can use. I currently have all windows computers so a free windows-friendly alternative would be nice! 

For the type of music I want to make, I either wanted to make music using Utaus as vocals or make instrumental sounds that lean more into break core or just really wacky experimental stuff. 

Thank you! 

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