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Games list!

I’m rlly sad this site doesn’t have a game section on ur profile so I’m going to write my game list here in case anyone wants 2 talk about them! 

Mobile games (on and off, all EN servers) 

•Ensemble stars (frequent)

•Fate Grand Order (hardly but I still talk about it)

•Touken Ranbu (only game I play JP)

•Papa’s Sushiria 

Currently playing:


•Silent Hill 

•Metal Gear Revengance 

•Needy Streamer Overload 

•Pop’n Music PSP

Recently finished: 

•Gunvolt 1,2, and 3

•Luminous Avenger iX 

•Mugen Souls 

•Fairy Fencer Avant Dark Force 

•Ace Attorney (the first one) 

Will play in the future (either waiting release or holding off):

•Ace Attorney 2 and 3 

•Luminous Avenger iX 2 (forgot exact sequel name)

•Drammatical Murder

•Slow Damage 

•you and me and her 

•Labyrinth of the refrain 

•Cupid’s Parasite 

All time faves!

•Puyo Puyo 2 

•Pop’n Music Lapistoria 

•Neptunia Victory and mk2 (the originals) 

•Mugen Souls Z 

•Disgaea 5 

•Project Diva (can’t pick a fave) 

•Senran Kagura Estival Versus 

•SK Peach Beach Splash 

•Cooking mama (all of them <3)

•Gunvolt 1 

•Drammatical Murder (want 2 replay it) 

This list will be frequently updated or if there’s drastic changes or this gets buried, I’ll make a new one! Either way I thought I’d just share some of my games!  

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Mr. Hazard

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i'm a big senran kagura fan aswell. nice to meet you ^^

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Redshift Axel《🪭》

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