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Stamps? Help?

Actually, I was looking at some profiles and thought "Stamps???? I want some!" but I not only have no clue where to get them but I also don't know how to put them?

 I want to put some of my interests and faves but I feel really dumb and don't know where to find them. I already struggled with the bg music so I decided to ask for once rather than suffer for an hour. 

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most people get their stamps from deviantart but you can find them uploaded to sites like tumblr too. I've also gotten a few just from looking at other users pages and posts on this site. i assume "how to put them" means how to add them to your about and such but sorry if it isnt and I'm just saying stuff you already know but you use the line of code <(img src="URLHERE"/)> (remove the () parenthesis) this is the code for adding any image in html

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oh my gosh tysm!
and yeah that was exactly what I meant, apologies for not making myself clear ^^'

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