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New year, first blog!

Category: Blogging

First time trying out spacehey, huh? Well, better late than never! Anywho, since this is the new year, and the fact I signed up for this site in the middle of my birthday, I'll be able to blog about what just happened in real life and share some goodies that's more safe than ever. I may or may not get used to what this site has to offer, so I can't wait to see what the future holds. » Continue Reading

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Developing my first short film From Crocs to Frogs

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Cat's out of the bag, so I gotta address the [ REDACTED ] in the room. Some of y'all may or may not know this, but I've now begun development of my first project From Crocs to Frogs. It's an animated semi-autobiographical short film which centres around a young man named Larry Irville and his newly discovered love for King K. Rool as his only favorite Nintendo villain throughout his life before a ... » Continue Reading

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My experience with Procreate Dreams (Almost a month later...)

Category: Blogging

When I first heard of Procreate Dreams that was announced by Savage Interactive head James Cuda around 8 September 2023, it felt like an indie animator's dream come true. Those who wanted to make an animated web programme or a feature length film can take their development and workspace anytime, anywhere. And the best part of it all was that it costed $20 without any necessary subscription service... » Continue Reading

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My birthday today

Category: Blogging

Looks as though I turned 30 today since I finally made it out of my 20's. And right in the middle of the morning, I was greeted with many different presents I gotten. Allow me to go over what's on the picture: An alien plushy (now a Wallet Warrior) A new pair of pants with actual front zipper pockets Wonka Bar tee (XL) Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary tee (XL) Oogie Boogie Hat Butter from BTS $15 Ap... » Continue Reading

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Been a while, eh?

Category: Blogging

Almost a year, I was unexpectedly blocked from re-entering my SpaceHey account since it told me I needed a new one. Well, somehow they noticed I didn't violated any rule whatsoever; I just got bored and checked to see if they made a mistake. And you know what? They did. Now, what happened before I returned with my account restored? Went to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Jurassic Park at Univers... » Continue Reading

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Finished playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2

Category: Games

After two weeks of getting all the alien plushies found in 19 areas, I seemed to have finished playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2. I did remember playing the first game when one of my brothers enjoyed the living hell out of it circa 2000 on the Nintendo 64, with the second (I think) being played on the PS1 from my cousins. But when 2020 was the year it came out on PS4 PRO, XBOX ONE X and EGS, ever... » Continue Reading

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The best advice I want to take it seriously

Category: Art and Photography

A couple nights ago, one of my aunts at my mom's birthday party was amazed I created a present turned portrait that featured her as a princess while being rescued by a giant mallet wielding chameleon barbarian in medieval times. She later gave me advice that the best way to make money is by selling my artwork so everyone can feel entertained. Immediately after she said that, I now agree. And since... » Continue Reading

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A big and portable discovery I made

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

So far, both my brothers seem to have monitors that can be hooked into gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 PRO. But sometimes, there's one that's unlike the former. I'm talking about the Cocopar 17.3 Portable Monitor! Regarded as the best one, this monitor is more afordable, portable and can not only be connected to my Nintendo Switch alone, but by using it to my iPad Pro, t... » Continue Reading

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Exercising with a new kind of schedule

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

Throughout the first week of 2023, one of my new year resolutions was about losing weight every Monday, Wednesday and Friday because of my tiresome status. Now, thanks to a pedaling bike I have inside the house, I can use it to bring my iPad Pro and a cold bottle of water to remove all that fat inside me every 15 minutes so no one will know what will hit 'em. The more I lose weight, the better I c... » Continue Reading

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Returned my green container for a pair of newer ones

Category: Blogging

Here's what really happened: Yesterday, I bought a green storage container so that I can store my rainbow Christmas tree and other accessories in it without feeling frustrated of not having my own. Unfortunately, it was too big and hard to push down, so I returned it and was treated with another gift card before ordering another container. This time, it was only two but clear. Luckily, as I manage... » Continue Reading

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