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My experience with Procreate Dreams (Almost a month later...)

When I first heard of Procreate Dreams that was announced by Savage Interactive head James Cuda around 8 September 2023, it felt like an indie animator's dream come true. Those who wanted to make an animated web programme or a feature length film can take their development and workspace anytime, anywhere. And the best part of it all was that it costed $20 without any necessary subscription service or forced registration.

I had the big chance of pre-ordering it as if it's a one and done deal by simply waiting for it to release before Thanksgiving arrived. I began using the app during launch day by using storyboards for posing models on one track while relying on rough and clean animation, then shifted to another track with line art that serves as animation. Afterwards, I spent half a month to add colour in to give it a much needed detail without reliving Flipnote. I ran into some serious problems about parts that were traced too much, so I copied another Dream file into another and upgraded it without relying on George Lucas' strategy of remaking the same stuff again. You know, erasers and all.

My experience with Procreate Dreams? Well, let's say I had a lot of fun despite its techical issues revolving software crashes. But at least I pulled an all nighter by loading up my colour palletes and made it my own. As of now, I'm down to a couple more areas I wanna revisit, but I may have to wait before I'm ready to get back at it again. Sure animation can be tiresome, yet it takes plenty of time to work on it. Take it from me; I know it's good!

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