Developing my first short film From Crocs to Frogs

Cat's out of the bag, so I gotta address the [REDACTED] in the room.

Some of y'all may or may not know this, but I've now begun development of my first project From Crocs to Frogs. It's an animated semi-autobiographical short film which centres around a young man named Larry Irville and his newly discovered love for King K. Rool as his only favorite Nintendo villain throughout his life before a series of weeaboo lackies continuously neglect, reject and discriminate his campaign of bringing him in the roster for Super Smash Bros. in response to having Bowser and Ganondorf as playable villains via Melee. Suddenly, as the short film progresses a hidden gem from the Steam Store would not only save poor Larry's life from the ongoing Kremling Drought, which has been in effect since Hiroshi Yamauchi retired from Nintendo, but to change his life forever.

The short film is currently made in both Procreate and Procreate Dreams and will be made in time for the upcoming launch of RIVALS 2 this year, a game that was frequently announced to be released for this year. And so far, I managed to finish one background based on the setting of said film. Won't get into detail of what it is, but let's assume the fact it's a difference.

A bit tired after having to go through the entire background, but I'll do my best to work hard before I'm ready!

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