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Capitalism ruined the internet (rant)

Category: Life

Not to kick a dead horse but oh my gods I'm sick and tired of the internet.  I try to be positive and find enjoyment in how things are now because I know it's only going to get worse but I'm so tired, man. I find myself opening and closing the same three apps out of pure boredom. When I was younger, every platform was unique and had its own community. Granted, some could be difficult to get into a... » Continue Reading

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13.10.23 New Journal

Category: Art and Photography

The notebook was pretty cheap (£1), I hope to get a better quality one soon. I decorated it as best as I could :D  Front !! Back !! » Continue Reading

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I might be addicted to webtoon

Category: Books and Stories

I decided to add SOME of my fav webtoons (and manga, but 99% are webtoons) to my profile and... uh... I don't even want to know how this looks on mobile I started reading webtoon in 2016 (since I was 10) too so there's so many that I've forgotten about as webtoon doesn't keep a very long history I might make a blog org » Continue Reading

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01.10.23 Small kitty photo dump

Category: Pets and Animals

They're so cute hhgfuhhfd  I can't take it Behold... my children » Continue Reading

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22.09.23 busy day

Category: Blogging

Good evening! Today was a very busy day so I didn't have much time to blog. I hope you are all having a great day. The weekend is just around the corner! Also for some reason SpaceHey is blocked on my college's computers so I had to write th » Continue Reading

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05.09.23 back to college blog ☁️⁺˖ ⸝⸝

Category: School, College, University

Good evening ^^ Today was a little hectic, as the first day of college always is. My new schedule is pretty weird, with all of today's classes being health studies, rather than having a mix of subjects. I don't mind though, at least I get to camp out in the same classroom all day instead of dragging heavy textbooks from building to building. Today went a little bit differently than I was expec » Continue Reading

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