22.09.23 busy day

Good evening! Today was a very busy day

so I didn't have much time to blog. I hope

you are all having a great day. The weekend

is just around the corner! Also for some

reason SpaceHey is blocked on my college's

computers so I had to write this on my

phone and format it later. Very sad that

I can't sneakily read blogs when I'm meant

to be working :,(


In the lecture hall rn, there's like 80

people in here lmao Maths sucks.

Staying hydrated and praying I can

get through these next 3 hours...



Bought some skincare stuff because

my lips and hands have been so dry

since I've been ill  :,(

The vanilla smells SO good, they also

had watermelon and mint.




Our teacher let us have a quick break

so I got some Fanta lemon! I love

Fanta, fruit twist is my fav but lemon

is delicious too!

We also voted for class president and I

won! Yay! This is my 2nd year of college

and my 2nd year being class president!



I also bought a new notebook, it's a

refillable binder notebook!

So pretty! giphy-2 


My September playlist is coming

along nicely! Months where I

have a lot of songs are usually

really good months for me!


Please ignore how low quality

this screenshot is lmao

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