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Category: Music

I bought a knock-off wolfchan plushie and it's supposed to come in the mail today im so excited AHHHHHHH my bias is chan and my wreckers are pretty much everyone but esp changbin felix and han hehehe i love them all though ahabjhugsfhjkjhdfjdkjfkdj anywqys stream s class non-toxic stays be my fren pls ty » Continue Reading

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New laptop!!!

Category: Life

I'll be honest, when the school year ended, I thought I'd have to abandon this account as I wouldn't have regular computer access anymore, but one of my friends gave me his old laptop so now I do!! Hello Everyone!! I'm back to disturb the blogosphere mwahahahaha >:3 » Continue Reading

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on the subject of infinity

Category: Religion and Philosophy

One thing I find hard to fully understand is the concept of infinity, Logically, I know it means forever, however, there aren't too many things that are truly infinite. A way to try and feel it for yourself is to visualize space, beyond earth and the milky way galaxy, beyond every single star and black hole. There is no "edge" of space, it doesn't end, space is not contained in a box. Beyond void ... » Continue Reading

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"Bring back the old Hot Topic!!" (rant)

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

I hate to tell y'all this (I don't actually but whatevs) but they're not just gonna put their store back into an era that's gonna make them less money, and there's a couple reasons. 1. IT'S CALLED "HOT TOPIC" FOR A REASON!! they are going to sell what's popular!! they're going to sell whatevers a "hot topic". Also people act like they don't have any sort of alt clothing anymore, which they totally... » Continue Reading

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my thoughts on super sonico!!

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Since shes the theme of my entire layout rn, I thought I'd make a blog about my thoughts on her lol It's a mix of things really, because while generally I think she's a cute and wonderful character, and it's nice to see plus sized characters in anime (though maybe not as sexualized prefferably, more on that in a bit) there's no denying the grossness of her creator. While I haven't watched soniani,... » Continue Reading

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real1ty sh1ft1ng!!!

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

Reality shifting iz so coOOOLLLLLL RAHHH if u shift n stuff u should def be my friend + tell me abt ur drs /nf my current drs r a modern hogwarts dr and my main one rn is a custom kpop girl group dr which i shoudl def make a seperate blog post abt sometime BUT YEA if u shift n wanna talk abt it with someone on spacehy u can comment here or dm me hehe ^^ OR contact me on discord : mino#1111 (if u d... » Continue Reading

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letz make it da rawring 20s xP

Category: Life

rahhhh i can wait to make kandi tonight  » Continue Reading

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Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

I love inanimate insanity so much pls be my friend if you like it » Continue Reading

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average school blog xP

Category: School, College, University

I go to a tech school so i basically have two regular subjects and then my lab, so like.. last year i struggled with some of my regular classes and really liked my lab, but this year my lab is kind of boring like I've mostly spent it playing games or browsing spacehey/web directories which is cool, or playing idol games, but oh well at least I can buy gushers here XD anyone have tips on feeling mo... » Continue Reading

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