my thoughts on super sonico!!

Since shes the theme of my entire layout rn, I thought I'd make a blog about my thoughts on her lol

It's a mix of things really, because while generally I think she's a cute and wonderful character, and it's nice to see plus sized characters in anime (though maybe not as sexualized prefferably, more on that in a bit) there's no denying the grossness of her creator.

While I haven't watched soniani, you can tell just from promotional art that her and other main characters of her show are quite often in a lewd way. While I think it's fine and kinda expected that characters have lewd or suggestive art and figures n stuff (as long as they aren't minors obvs) it'd be nice if that wasn't the only way to see a cute plus sized character that's decently popular. As a plus sized woman with a huge love of all things cutecore it's pretty obvs why super soni would appeal to me!! I really do think she cute and wonderful otherwise I wouldn't make her my layout lol

Like things such as yansim, atp I'm just gonna make up the lore and character for her myself while only taking the basics from canon lmao

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