"Bring back the old Hot Topic!!" (rant)

I hate to tell y'all this (I don't actually but whatevs) but they're not just gonna put their store back into an era that's gonna make them less money, and there's a couple reasons.

1. IT'S CALLED "HOT TOPIC" FOR A REASON!! they are going to sell what's popular!! they're going to sell whatevers a "hot topic". Also people act like they don't have any sort of alt clothing anymore, which they totally do, they still sell tons of band t-shirts, lots of graphic tees, hoodies, and accessories and stuff that r really good for emo/scene looks. (Also, side rant: the people who get so so mad abt them selling cute stuff like sanrio make me mad like you are totally ignoring a complete other subset of alt fashion that uses bright and colorful styles)

2. If you want "Old Hot Topic" back (which, it'll never be the same unless you have a time machine) vote with your dollars, not internet posts and petitions. If something doesn't sell well, they'll eventually stop selling it. If something sells really well they'll probably sell more similar products!! That's why things like the gir hoodie n more emo stuff is slowly popping up in hts, because there's a clear, monetarily viable public interest, but they aren't gonna sacrifice all of their other customers and stuff for one single demographic.

(Bonus) 3. Hot Topic isnt the only place to buy scemo clothes n accesories!!!!! It seems like the main thing, but theres tons of places online, look in walmarts n stuff, make ur own, check thrift stores, Idk man i get the vibes that a lot of the people who yell about old ht so often also cry abt scenecore a lot so like, why would you not want to buy "ReAl ScEnE" clothes instead of "fake poser scenecore shit" idk man bc you know that even if they tried to go back, it wouldn't be the same. 

Anyways idk feel free to tell me I'm wrong but I'll probably just block u bc I'm so sick of hearing this all the fucking time bro it's so obnoxious seriously you go into any scemo spac eonline and inevitably someone's got a petition or is just generally crying abt "old hot topic" and it's fucking annoying

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We also have to remember a lot of people in certain fashion scenes back in the day had to "make do" Stores selling specific clothes tailored to scene, emo, goth, etc were scarce or not easily accessible. While having a few pieces specific to the style is nice it's also important to get creative and build off statement pieces with customization and mix match clothes to really make it personal. No one needs to buy specific clothes for a specific fashion.


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exactly!! there's so many options available and all people want is old hot topic likeee guys you realize the entire point is to mix it up and make it your own

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