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I'm Back

Category: Blogging

Been a while since I touched my blog. A lot has happened in just 5 months, but I won't detail it here. I was inspired by my school blog to come back because I miss the customization. » Continue Reading

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seasons and feelings

Category: Life

does anyone get nostalgic/odd feelings when the seasons change? it happens to me a lot and I'm not sure what it is, but I like it. it also happens when I listen to certain songs or remember certain people. its quite difficult to explain, you have to have felt it before to actually know what I'm talking about I guess. comfort? nostalgia? melancholy? its like all these emotions and more in one, but ... » Continue Reading

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any1 else experience this??

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

slight cw for creepy stuff, shadow beings sometimes i feel like theres large shadow beings around me. i kinda see them out of the corner of my eyes or feel their presence at night, but theres always nothing there. its very uncomfortable, sometimes when im trying to sleep i feel like theyre creeping up  to me or touching me, but its always my imagination. i know theres nothing there, but i still fe... » Continue Reading

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Category: Food and Restaurants

i love tea it is just so yummy tea is delicious!! (i like putting sugar in it lulz) my favourite kinds are blueberry, peach, and orange. black tea is okay but i dislike the bitter aftertaste it haz sumtimes... also i learned tea is an actual Plant, kinda silly of me ik but it like blew my mind. also the fact that it takes THREE YEARS b4 u can get the actual tea leaves!! wuts ur fav kind » Continue Reading

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blood orange analysis

Category: Food and Restaurants

i had a blood orange for the first time today. its got a grapefruit/raspberry like scent, slightly bitter aftertaste but still mildly sweet too. it was very aromatic, the second i started peeling i could smell it. def not like a regular orange, the dark wine colored fruit really appeases my aesthetic. i wouldnt say its blood red tho, its too purpleish, the peel was def blood red tho with some oran... » Continue Reading

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the school library

Category: Life

i went to my schools library for the first time, p sure ppl saw some Funny stuff on my computer but tbh thats their problem. its very nice, theres stairs to get up here. i saw stairs going down and i wonder where they go, but i dont have time for exploration cause i got class today :( » Continue Reading

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Category: SpaceHey

someone on spacehey said "dont interact if you are pizzagender" and im laughing so hard what did the pizzagender people do to you xD » Continue Reading

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