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Book + Movie Recommendations!

Category: Books and Stories

Books: Nevermore (trilogy) - Kelly Creagh - I've only read the first book in this trilogy, but it's wildly underappreciated in terms of early 2000's (hence why I can't find the other two books). It's the works of Edgar Allen Poe combined with that juicy 2000's YA angst that we all know and love (and a surprisingly well written goth protagonist). Life As We Knew It (series) - Susan Beth Pfeffer - M... » Continue Reading

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random facts abt me!

Category: Life

im bored and got this idea so here y'all go! 1: my favorite color is actually green and not pink, even though my hair and most of my belongings are pink (its easier to find pink things and pink goes better with my skin tone) 2: my favorite color combo is pink and yellow (yeah even tho pink is only my second favorite color) 3: i was raised on rock music! my dad was an old punk back in the 80s/90s s... » Continue Reading

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Hello kitty x forever21!!!

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

I want the tan hoodie SO BAD but it's sold out everywhere in person and not even on the store :( they have the t shirt and the sweatpants and the bag but not the hoodie :( I don't want to have to buy it from a scalper on depop for 3 million dollars XD def going to try to get that bracelet tho it's adorableee » Continue Reading

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Update to getting asked out by a guy through your little brother

Category: Life

So turns out he's actually super super nice, I went to the senior dance with him, and we had  really nice time '^-^  » Continue Reading

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A Girl's Younger Brother Isn't The Best Way To Get Her To Go Out With You

Category: Life

My little brother (7th grade) goes to a school in another state than we live in (not super far, just a day trip). One of the seniors at that school asked him to ask me out for him, a dude I've never even seen let alone met before. Obviously I said no, but holy frick man, he did NOT think that through. I mean given that its an all boys school and all means he basically hasn't seen a teenage girl si... » Continue Reading

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My resting face makes ppl think I'm angry

Category: Life

Its kinda funny how often people ask "are you ok?" And "what's wrong?" And "are you mad?" But that's literallyy, just my face XD like that's just what happens when I'm focused on something or just chilling out. Same thing with my voice that unless im super excited or angry about something I always sound sarcastic and it's actually hurt people's feelings if they don't know me ;-; its kinda funny th... » Continue Reading

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A journal i guess?

Category: Life

sorry about grammar and stuff, i dont really care rn lolz so today,, i got to go to the mall w my friend! it was super fun but my card declined and it was super embarrassing :/ but we got some cool friendship necklaces at hot topic, one is a bunny and the other is a cat and theyre both holding knives :3 after that we got some boba and sat in the food court for awhile and talked abt dumb stuff unti... » Continue Reading

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