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"i just shoved a nuke up my pussy"

just a girly girl freak and a whore for drama

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my true identity

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

im actually sailor moon and i am fighting evil by moonlight and winning love by daylight » Continue Reading

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hey babes

Category: Friends

guys please be my friend please i cxanr breathw oh my god it hurts so bad i feel so alone and  » Continue Reading

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thank u ai yazawa

Category: Books and Stories

i love you so much thank you for giving me a reason to live  i love nana and paradise kiss  and u single handedly saved the entertainment industry ur such a icon also hope u get well soon xx » Continue Reading

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like a millionaire

Category: Music

who wants?? that bomb ass pussy you want! that bomb ass pussy who’s got?? that bomb ass pussy ive got! that bomb ass pussy  WHITE GIRL WITH A BOMB ASS PUSSY » Continue Reading

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hey genshin fans...

Category: Games

can u all please gift me genesis crystals PLS i will literally do anything.. love u all xx » Continue Reading

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cant do this anymore

Category: Blogging

spacehey please stop making my comments send twice its so embarrassing im literally just a girl trying to live what did i ever do to you  » Continue Reading

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pop pop

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

when im older im going to become a professional pimple popper i love popping pimples its like edging » Continue Reading

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Category: Music

literally everyone i know went to the pinkpantheress concert AND THEYRE POSTING IT ON THEIR STORIES ITS NOT FAIR I WANTED TO GO ITS NOT FAIRRR this is literally me listening to pink pantheress » Continue Reading

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