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Obligated Blog

Category: Blogging

I AM SO SAD! My super cool art tablet just broke and I used it all the time. I don't like using my mouse to draw. :( » Continue Reading

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Eat Everything

Category: Life

First time I'm making a blog on my phone. This one is for my buzzballz enjoyers. < » Continue Reading

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Oompa Gets Airtime!

Category: Life

Suggestion entry  metaproid ! "touch on this miniature horse drama that everyone has been arguing about." - 🐎 Oompa Gets Airtime: By Oompa This is a true event in Oompa's life that changed his life forever! In a year of Oompa's lifetime, sometime before grade school, Oompa went on a fieldtrip! It was a barn full of tons of silly animals, one being the evil pony. The class guide made sur » Continue Reading

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Category: Art and Photography

Suggestion Entry  metaproid ! "i would like to see a list of oompa's top 10 hottest furbies" - 🦉 TOP TEN HOTTEST FURBIES: OOMPA LIST Furbies can be considered HOT CHICK HEAVEN! It would just make me so happy to see these little fluffy guys take wing!  10: Fake Furby! This cutie pie just takes my heart and thrashes at it like a wild raccoon on the prowl for oompa » Continue Reading

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True Freedom

Category: Automotive

Suggestion Entry  dad ! "Draw the ideal image of true freedom!" - 🦅 TRUE FREEDOM: By Oompa Freedom lets all the restraints of rules set by people who limit freedom in order to keep order. Imagine a world where you had true freedom. What would you do without any law controlling your freedom. I know what I would do! » Continue Reading

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Oompa Needs a Goth Mommy!

Category: Blogging

I like to imagine a world where I have a goth mommy that always hangs by my side. Only time will tell when I find my goth mommy. It passes my mind every day.  Don't forget to give kudos if you are still looking for a goth mommy » Continue Reading

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Drinking Dad

Category: Life

It would be weird to not have a father with an incredible drinking habit . Some dads drinking skills are just to lack luster. My E dad is a big drinker and supports all of its benefits . I am excited for the day I turn 178 in » Continue Reading

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What would You like to see Oompa Doing

Category: Friends

Oompa is capable of many things, but he runs out of ideas and would like to hear what his friends would want to see doodled. Please comment on this blog on all your silly ideas! 🏰 » Continue Reading

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Oompa Explains the Titanic (!Spoilers!)

Category: News and Politics

2001, the tragic incident known as the Fall of the Titanic was the day we will all remember due to the famous movie "Titanic and the 7 Dwarves." This film showed exactly how the event went down and Oompa is here to explain it to anyone who hasn't heard of it. The Titanic was the first man powered iceberg, and the biggest one at that. The voyage was from Florida to the Philippines and had 895 passe... » Continue Reading

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Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

Boingo is in fact a wizard. Some say that Boingo has defeated entire armies just with a flick of his wand (THAT IS IMPRESSIVE). Boingo if you are wondering has tons of goth mommies, but he isn't so self-conscious to where he needs to prove it (HE DOES ANYWAY). He visits space when he is bored of humanity. Boingo's hat contains all of the magic in the world, and he uses it as he pleases. One-time B... » Continue Reading

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