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Are you bored? Here's some stuff to do!

Category: Blogging

I'll update this periodically, and you can do these whenever you want, so check back whenever you're bored! If you comment your links or have them on your page I'll be sure to do whatever I can back ^u^ My IMs are open if you feel up to chatting! You can check out my Spotify! See if my playlists are any good :P You can send me secret drawings... https://drawme.share-on.me/9AEPE03AqQ And you can se... » Continue Reading

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How I made a blinkie from scratch!

Category: Art and Photography

I said I might do this last night and then immediately did it! I made a blinkie :D Here it is! Wanna know how I did it? Read on! Started writing out the text on a pixel art app I have on my phone called Dotpict. I believe the canvas I used was 96x96! It's a comfortable size for me where I don't have to really zoom in to be accurate, but still have space! The letters are 16 pixels tall (which ends ... » Continue Reading

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metacognition but for emotions?

Category: Religion and Philosophy

Don't know what to call this but I think that title makes sense, at least for now. Let me know if you've got something better to call it! I'll slot it into the philosophy category and call this a vaguely phenomenological approach to experimentally explore an issue :P I feel down, and perhaps a bit anxious. And the nerves I understand but the apathy is coming from within in a way that feels untrace... » Continue Reading

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Personality Quizzes I've collected

Category: Quiz/Survey

I see and do these periodically, so why not log them here so I can remember what I've done, and I can keep them in a space where others can see them too :D Let me know what you get if you do any of them, I'm super curious ^u^ Websites with Quizzes! this website has a bunch of cool ones with results that you can put on your profile like this! Pokemon Gym Leader Test! Three parts, from this tweet! I... » Continue Reading

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laundry reflections

Category: Blogging

I love putting stuff in the wash and dryer, pouring the detergent is fun. I love doing my delicates, it feels so quick bc I let them air dry (and the powder detergent for them is a nice change of pace, even if the washing machine hates it!) I love the noise it makes and how it drowns out my loud roommates (I can hear them through closed doors with headphones on!) I love the way the dryer makes the... » Continue Reading

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birthday realizations

Category: Writing and Poetry

So my birthday is on the last day of Taurus season, and I'm just putting it together that that could be part of the reason I feel off on my birthdays. I always have a difficulty with endings, and to leave a place that feels like the cosmos are surrounding me with what is home feels like a sort of ending, even if it comes back every year. It's almost like I'm grieving the comfort of the time as it'... » Continue Reading

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