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Are you bored? Here's some stuff to do!

I'll update this periodically, and you can do these whenever you want, so check back whenever you're bored! If you comment your links or have them on your page I'll be sure to do whatever I can back ^u^

My IMs are open if you feel up to chatting!

You can check out my Spotify! See if my playlists are any good :P

You can send me secret drawings...


And you can send me secret messages, or set up a box of your own!


It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed! You can feed my Tamanotchi, Light!

It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed! or my Tamanotchi, Rem! and of course, adopt your own!

or give me a huggle!(and set up your own!)

You can check out my imood!

Or my status cafe! and make your own!

You can do some personality quizzes! I have a bunch of them collected on the blog linked there!

Or you could... help my Pokemon grow! This one has a lot of gameplay if you make an account!

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I like that some of your playlists are dedicated to DnD characters, then you just have one called "egirl slutcore" XD

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All the important moods and vibes, of course!

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Aseptic Void

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Interesting! ^-^ Thanks!

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Thank you for reading!

by 𝓜𝓮𝓭𝓮𝓾𝔁𝓼𝓪; ; Report