laundry reflections

I love putting stuff in the wash and dryer, pouring the detergent is fun.

I love doing my delicates, it feels so quick bc I let them air dry (and the powder detergent for them is a nice change of pace, even if the washing machine hates it!)

I love the noise it makes and how it drowns out my loud roommates (I can hear them through closed doors with headphones on!)

I love the way the dryer makes the apartment humid (I love being warm)

I love stacking my pairs of socks into a tower that I try to keep balanced.

I love taking the lint out of the trap, and seeing mine compared to my roomies' (mine's usually darker and greyer (go emo clothes!))

I don't like hanging my clothes back up and turning stuff inside out.

I don't like the noise the dryer makes when it's done, it's always a jumpscare lol

I didn't do my sheets or towels today, I don't have the spoons to take all the extra blankets and plushies off my bed put a fitted sheet back on (something else I don't like doing).

Maybe I'll add more if I think of anything else :)

Also, I've finally got the hang of changing around the blog stuff. This is kinda ugly but it's a fun start lol!

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