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I’ve been absent here, but I got my MOJO back!!

Category: Life

via GIPHY It’s been a few days since I’ve tended to my SpaceHey page; haven’t stopped promoting though. 😁 It’s just that I recently (if you’ve been keeping up) repaired my PC and it took me a couple of weeks to get back into the swing of things.  Now I’m back producing music and I’m in love with life all over again 😁😁😁 Not to mention the Sun transiting Libra (Libra Season) is my 12th house area of... » Continue Reading

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It’s One Of Those Days

Category: Blogging

We all have a struggle moments and I’m having one right now.   Struggling  to get up, to answer the phone, to clean, to go to work, to pick up that piece of paper you’ve been walking over for last hour because it’s a struggle to bend down and pick up…   Many of us have been feeling this way since the pandemic. Surprisingly (to non astrologers) this exact collective feeling of not wanting to be bot... » Continue Reading

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The Reality Of Social Media And SpaceHey’s Place In It

Category: SpaceHey

  I’ve been reading different news articles about SpaceHey and it’s nostalgic magic and how people are loving the retro vibes of the olden days. (They really make it sound super archaic, don’t they?) Though I’ve been experiencing major feels being here I worry that with this type of approach we’re doomed to experience SpaceHeys fall much like MySpace. Without support and backing for the Modern age... » Continue Reading

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My Intentions Here on SpaceHey

Category: Blogging

First things first, to be frank and honest, I am here to grow as largely as I can. Having said that, here’s the context. I have an innate passion to share my voice. It motivates me, seemingly beyond my comprehension (though astrologically I can explain it very well- I have many planets in my 3rd house of communication including the Sun- I live for words!😁) The selfish reason is because I must be h... » Continue Reading

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Thoughts about Saturn In Aquarius. The Young and Old.

Category: Blogging

I wonder...with Saturn in Aquarius...if cancel culture if the problem. Or is it old people's response to cancel culture. You ever see a comment from some 65 year old who is totally taken back by a post and millenials and gen z's will respond with "Is this your first time on the internet?" 😆 They do one of two things or even both. Fight or Flight. They hide away(after announcing how they just can't... » Continue Reading

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If You Don’t Know This Then You Don’t Know Astrology! [Blog From My Website]

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

If You Don’t Know This Then You Don’t Know Astrology! Published by     marierousseau   on     January 16, 2021 With the rising number of people delving back into astrology, a high number of skeptics and mockers also follow suit. I can say that for most astrologers, this is probably one of the most annoying things about being in this field. With widespread charlatanry and t... » Continue Reading

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I find this site during a Mercury Retrograde?🤔

Category: Blogging

  Based on my usual behaviors during a Mercury retrograde period, I don’t know if I will be able to maintain enthusiasm for this place. I have been longing for a new aged MySpace type site to express my creativity and individuality, but in todays society of conformity, short attention spans and online businesses/sales, how will this beautiful space compete?    I have few suggestions that I think c... » Continue Reading

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