It’s One Of Those Days

We all have a struggle moments and I’m having one right now.

  Struggling  to get up, to answer the phone, to clean, to go to work, to pick up that piece of paper you’ve been walking over for last hour because it’s a struggle to bend down and pick up…

  Many of us have been feeling this way since the pandemic. Surprisingly (to non astrologers) this exact collective feeling of not wanting to be bothered happened at the same time Saturn entered Aquarius. 

  The feelings of social pressure became even heavier between  about June and August, the same time Saturn went retrograde and Jupiter left its side and moved into Pisces. This indicated an even more isolated society, at least many individuals felt extremely downtrodden.

  Since Jupiters return to Aquarius and Saturns direct motion, things have still been tough- emotionally, psychological, mentally and physically for many people, but manageable for the most part. For example, I experience high moments and low through the day and week, it’s just when it’s a low moment it takes a bit of effort to pull myself out it. Pluto is now direct and that just adds to the extremity of Saturn’s energy.

Side note: I hope everyone stayed on the up and up between late April and October 6th, while Pluto was retrograde. It’s direct motion is equivalent to “The chickens come home to roost.” You can actually see this in real time, just look at all the fraud cases that have appeared in the news over these past couple of days. A very plutonic theme energy. Pluto indicates  irrevocable damage or changes and honey…these people were playing with big money! (Pluto also represents wealth).

  *Le sigh* I’m doing my best to establish some kind of routine and to keep myself moving as movement creates momentum, and I’m pressed to get it together before the end of the year. By the end of January, very similar experiences of difficulty that we may have went through between June-August 2021, will be revisited. Along with the fact that the Sun will be in Capricorn adding even more bouts of depression or immobility.

 Anyhow, I’m just doing what I can to stay grounded and present. Even if that means struggling to write a short blog here and venting in my astrologically, special, way. 


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Sugar Packet

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Told my boyfriend this morning that I need a routine . My motivation has been non existent for a long while . My life hasn’t been where I wanted it either . All we can do is keep pressing on . When things get too much I’ve found that having my soul tribe helps me get through it and push through it . Just knowing someone relates or cares makes a big difference . If you ever need to talk I’m here . 🤍✨

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Thank you so much. 💕🙏🏽 It does help to know people relate

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Ms. LC Webs

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I'm clearly not as versed on astrology, but I know Pluto also is a chthonic God, and a lot of my particular difficulty, in the time you're describing Pluto retrograde, was around loved ones either dying, or losing a loved one themselves.

Basically I lost myself in late Feb/early March, and am just now getting the tread of my wheels to hit some traction. And some bricks laid for the rebuild. Important truths learned, costs paid, income left on the table because was just too far in the depression hole to make my sales numbers at work.

I was so depressed that I burst into tears in the bathroom at my own wedding celebration in August, which was rescheduled and which I was so much looking forward to. (my profile photo is from last year's livestream where we made it legal, but we HAD to wine and dine some friends and family when we safely could.)

Finally to a point where I'm looking forward to continued reconnection with self, and being together enough to be a supportive friend instead of lopsidedly needing the support.

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Everyone has the tipped scale moment. Keeping balance doesn’t mean that balance is fixed, that’s why the scales move up and down. Your moment will come when you can lift your side. It’s all in the timing. Use the time to get the much needed rest and support you need so when the time comes and balance leads the other way you’ll have all the energy in the world to pay it forward!

Congratulations on your wedding and I wish you the very best! You’ll pull through…just one step forward each day, no matter how small.

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Byron Stargazer

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Whoa, this was super interesting to read!

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Thank you! I’m happy you enjoyed it!💕

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I want to read this (I skimmed it), but my ADHD is strong this morning. I promise I'll come back!
I, too, have been feeling... Meh... This whole week. And I definitely blame Mercury.

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No worries! I can relay to that!

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