My Intentions Here on SpaceHey

First things first, to be frank and honest, I am here to grow as largely as I can.

Having said that, here’s the context.

I have an innate passion to share my voice. It motivates me, seemingly beyond my comprehension (though astrologically I can explain it very well- I have many planets in my 3rd house of communication including the Sun- I live for words!😁)

The selfish reason is because I must be heard, it makes me happy. The altruistic reason is because I wholly believe that what I have to say may actually help someone. I spent a large quantity of my life trapped in a sea of closed ears. From a very early age I was met with people basically telling me to shut up. My perspectives and passions were dismissed. What I loved was met with disdain as being impractical. My dreams and feelings were constantly invalidated. I never truly felt apart of anything, being the black sheep and the weird one.

I bounced around exploring the world and the minds of humans. I’ve experienced extreme poverty to comfortable wealth, back and forth in waves. I have been extremely hated to most beloved.

My experiences on this journey have given me a broad perspective. The ability to see all sides of a story and to understand peoples true motivations. I have helped and destroyed. I have been helped and I’ve been destroyed. I’ve kept what I’ve learned to myself, which serves nothing more than my own gratification for overcoming obstacle after obstacle. I don’t always get it right, but I make damn sure to make a good attempt. My old self was out of control and my evolving self has begun to accept the person I am. 

I have been on a search for a place where I can share, honestly, what I have discovered in order to encourage others to continue along their path, no matter how low or repugnant it may appear at the moment. I want to share my talents and hobbies to show others their interests matter also and they should very much broadcast them regardless of the many opinions that may say otherwise. 

For  my own evolution and the possible evolution of others, I’m here.

As I continue to grow, I understand it gets increasingly difficult to keep up with everyone. (You don’t even wanna know how daunting it gets, my IG and Facebook messages overwhelm me) But! I do my absolute best to respond to everyone. To engage and to share.

 I feel a strong pull here as I see myself in many of you. My lost tribe, doing our best to maintain a sense of individuality in a world that forces us to conform. 

If I miss your message or comments, please do not think harshly of me. I won’t intentionally ignore you (unless you’re just being an ass 🥴). If I say something that offends, just let me know. I will give it a shot to see it from your side, but even still, if it violates my boundaries and personal principles, then we just agree to disagree. (Sorry folks that’s they way life works 🤷🏽‍♀️…that’s what makes the journey PERSONAL. Unless…you’re planning on sharing my casket in the end….)

I hope you learn something from me. I hope you appreciate in some way what I contribute. And if you get mad at me, begin to hate me or become frustrated, I hope that too teaches you something about yourself as it will most definitely teach me something about myself. I forgive you and pardon myself  in advance.

-Marie Rousseau

P.S. This statement may and probably will evolve too, because learning for me, never ends. In 2 years I’ll be a different version of myself. Hell, maybe even tomorrow.😏

P.S.S. Pardon any grammar issues or typos. You understand what I’m saying, right?…RIGHT?! 😝

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David E Navarro

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AWESOME to meet you Marie.

You sound like me 20 years ago. I don't say that to be dismissive at all. We are kindred souls for sure. Not identical, of course, but the similarities are remarkable.

Reading your statement was like reading my own story. In fact, 20 years ago was when I decided I was done with all the bullshit of life, done with where seeming "opportunities" and circumstances had led me.

I write, and teach, and share for exactly the same motivations: 1) To be heard (all communicating thinkers want to be heard, nothing wrong with that), and 2) Because what I write, teach and share will encourage, uplift, and help others on their incredible journeys of life.

I have always been the "different one" the "weirdo" to some, the "strange genius" to others, the one who does what everyone else says I can't do. In fact I tell people now that I don't just march to the beat of a different drum, I make my own drums and my own beats for myself and others to dance to.

I was raised in poverty in inner city Chicago to age 10. I lived a humble low income country life in the woods and wilds of Northern Indiana from age 10 to 15. And my dad finally, through hard work, moved us to the middle class in the posh suburbs near Chicago. I went into the military, and have now lived in 14 different states in my life having had broad experience of every class and level, from the time I was an addict (drugs and alcohol) through family man having many different jobs in many different industries.

So, as an eclectic poet-philosopher I totally relate to the idea of seeing all sides of the story, of being able to empathize with individuals no matter their thoughts and beliefs and having a sense of who they are and how they got where they got. In fact, my author profiles and latest book (A Tree Frog's Eyes) share about this eclectic background and my passion in loving all people and helping all people no matter who they are or where they are.

Yes, 20 years ago when I finally put it all together and realized who I am and who I need to be and what I need to do totally accepting myself, flaws, talents, and all, I began my new journey of growth as an author, poet, essayist, editor, and communicator. Up to that point I had written a lot of business stuff and technical writing for the military and safety industries, but I recaptured my youthful passion to be a writer and poet. I made up my mind—that's who I am. And so I BECAME IT.

I'd only had a few poems published up to that time, but now, through relentless effort and pursuit to make it happen and become who I am without anyone in the world stopping me, I have published hundreds of articles, poems, essays in many magazines, journals, anthologies and such. I have 7 of my own books out, and my work is published in 8 other books by other publishers.

And I'm not done! Many more books to follow.

So, congratulations on your bold leap in being who you are, becoming what you already know you are, making it happen, enjoying the journey, and helping others along the way.

Whatever it is you desire to accomplish and pursue with your voice and your communications to the world, you WILL ACHIEVE IT.

Thanks for sharing this important message with others.

Best of success to you in your future endeavors.

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I appreciate your words and sharing your experience. I’m actually comforted to know that there may be even greater hope for me in the future and that I am not alone with my thoughts! 20 years from now I too, hope to find myself in a similar (not identical ) situation. Thank you for commenting!🙏🏽💕

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I too am the “weird one”, the black sheep… in my family and otherwise. Over time, I have learned that these titles don’t make me an outcast but that I should, in fact, embrace them. Being a black sheep in a flock of white ones is a gift, not a curse! It’s still difficult at times, but I strive to embrace what makes me myself.

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Great read. Thanks for being open. You nailed it in a great way. Keep being you.

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Thank you for reading and leaving a response! I appreciate it!

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Relish Ubiquitous

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I like your thoughts.

I'm also a bit overwhelmed by social media at times and sometimes not as active but I try reaching out.

Thank you for being here!

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Thank you for being here also! I appreciate you took the time to read my blog.

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It's good to be unique. Individuality is a dying art these days it seems.

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I definitely agree with this!

by Marie Rousseau ; ; Report


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Success! Kudos added.

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Thank you for reading!

by Marie Rousseau ; ; Report

David E Navarro

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In light of your post, Marie, I think you would really like this post:

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Lyrian Space Frequencies

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I liked what you said about being able to see things from all sides of the story. This is a very important ability to have that is lacking in the world. Instead of abruptly judging people we should attempt to put ourselves in their shoes. That way we can potentially understand where they're coming from even if we may not agree with their viewpoint.

Also just giving you a head's up, the activity level in this place tends to come in waves so don't get discouraged if it appears to be a ghost town sometimes. Additionally there are a few sketchy characters, trolls and scammers as one might expect. However in my honest opinion this is still the best social media site. Good luck!

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There is a conundrum that comes with that ability also…not saying anything at all. Sometimes I feel caught in the middle of not liking what someone’s says or does, but knowing I wouldn’t want to be infringed upon for my views. It’s definitely a balancing act, but iron doesn’t get sharp by striking it with pillows.

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Yes indeed.

by Lyrian Space Frequencies; ; Report


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Inspirational. Such a shame I can only give 2 kudos max.

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Thank you so much! 🙏🏽💕

by Marie Rousseau ; ; Report

No worries. I can only thank you for adding me again.

by SoulKingBrook; ; Report

And likewise for you being present!

by Marie Rousseau ; ; Report


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I think most of us has a need for our voices to be heard. You have such a wonderful way of expressing yourself. I hope you reach as many as you can!

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I truly appreciate you taking the time to read it! 💕

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