Thoughts about Saturn In Aquarius. The Young and Old.

I wonder...with Saturn in Aquarius...if cancel culture if the problem. Or is it old people's response to cancel culture. You ever see a comment from some 65 year old who is totally taken back by a post and millenials and gen z's will respond with "Is this your first time on the internet?" 😆

They do one of two things or even both. Fight or Flight. They hide away(after announcing how they just can't take it anymore) or go berserk. 

I find the younger generations tend push through it, debate it out, cry on video, talk about it, go fact hunting, or pretend it didn't even happen and dance. They usually have a social circle that supports them openly where most of the elder generations operate alone or take a "not my business" approach when watching one of their fellow oldies go down with the ship. 🚢😱👴👵

I also see that where the elder generation dared us to challenge them as they ripped our individuality to shreds with constant criticism, shame, and oppressive "We don't care about your feelings" social constructs,  they are not as energetic anymore to deal with the amount of energy and revenge from the youngin's. Giving it back twice as hard. 😬

This new battle for power is an interesting one. With values being rocked like an MMA kick to the face with Uranus in Taurus, people are losing their balance on what's important. Pesky emotions...the 12th house of autonomy.(Leo).

Young people are fighting to act how they want without saying anything (Just Be) while the older generations say what they want while maintaining a facade in their actions. (Be Best).😂

I may have talked myself in a circle, right back into trying to understand the complexities of our society. 🤦🏽‍♀️ I have kids to raise in this new world and to be honest I will knock someone's shit for f***ing with my babies and their freedom of expression just because they misconstrued their intent. Young or Old.

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jd omnirecord

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Thanks for giving your unique voice to this important topic. It reflects to me a wise perspective on current affairs. The discussion on the generational divide is helpful here. Just Be and Be Best. I'm certain we can curve deaths of despair with honest, compassionate heart-sharing and open reception.

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I agree and I also agree that their has to be some way where acceptance and infringement aren’t tangled together in a mass ball of “can’t tell the difference”. From both sides.

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