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BMF / DNI list

Category: SpaceHey

BMF: - alt ppl - furries or therians/otherkin etc u guyz r cool asf - ptv fans !1!1!1 » Continue Reading

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i don't wanna grow up like this

Category: Life

when i say i wanna live in the 2000s, i don't just say that because the emo/scene style was more popular. i also say that because of how society, and especially technology, is now. i mainly wanna talk about AI. it's been literally everywhere, in every little update of every app. i'm being completely serious when i say this, no joke, i might actually fucking kill myself if i grow up in a society ru... » Continue Reading

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200 FRENZ !!!!

Category: Friends

YAYYYY !!! THANK U GUYZZZZZZ NEXT GOAL: 300 ?!?!?! @font-face { font-family: cutie; src: url(https://dl.dropbox.com/s/xo075bh6tbd4f7d/CP » Continue Reading

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i'm making my acc private 4 a while !!!!

Category: SpaceHey

i'm basically restarting my profile except not how i did before where i just deleted my acc then made a new one, i'll just be redoing my layout n stuff because i don't rlly like it !!  only my friends will be able 2 view my profile but keep in mind it'z gonna be like super plain and have nothing on it :P @font-face { font-family: 'Magica'; src: url(https: » Continue Reading

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r.i.p joey, 2018-2023

Category: Pets and Animals

my family and i adopted joey, my cat, in 2018 when we first moved to arizona. he passed away at only 5 1/2 years old around a month ago in the beginning of december. we don't know why and we can't find out because it's too expensive. he was the best cat i could ever ask for. he was loving, cuddly, very cute and very fluffy, he was always right there by my side in some of my hardest times as if he ... » Continue Reading

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