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i don't wanna grow up like this

when i say i wanna live in the 2000s, i don't just say that because the emo/scene style was more popular. i also say that because of how society, and especially technology, is now.

i mainly wanna talk about AI. it's been literally everywhere, in every little update of every app. i'm being completely serious when i say this, no joke, i might actually fucking kill myself if i grow up in a society run by AI, and we're already run by technology. so many people: artists, authors, models, animators, musicians and countless other jobs will be lost when AI becomes more popular because of the things it's capable of.

for now, people can tell what's AI and what's not if they look closely at an image or something, but in a few years nobody is gonna be able to decipher reality between technology. i don't wanna become an old person surrounded by fucking computer coding. it's why i don't laugh at old people today who are confused about and blaming things on technology.

all i'm saying is that computer coding that gets smarter every second it exists is fucking terrifying, and people can and will use AI to generate some shit and rob people of their jobs for money. AI might take over the world, and not like "ooo scary robots !!!" more like everybody becomes overly reliant on AI.

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Statiscit 🍉

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Indeed the rise of AI technology is rapidly evolving each day and although at the moment we tend to joke about it now considering the flaws it has in its early state, chances are it will in fact get better. I’m still in school but I think about the future a lot, I want a job somewhere in the creative industry but sometimes I fear that by then human labour won’t be needed as much or the works of an actual person can’t be differentiated from the works of a machine which is why I’ve invested some of my time in more physical things. I write stuff in my journal, I take photos using a Polaroid camera, at the moment all these things probably don’t mean much but in a world where you’re soon able to replicate the photos in your phone’s camera roll using AI I would like to believe it’ll all be worth it in the end even if it’s just to me

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