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r.i.p joey, 2018-2023

my family and i adopted joey, my cat, in 2018 when we first moved to arizona. he passed away at only 5 1/2 years old around a month ago in the beginning of december. we don't know why and we can't find out because it's too expensive. he was the best cat i could ever ask for. he was loving, cuddly, very cute and very fluffy, he was always right there by my side in some of my hardest times as if he knew i was struggling. i remember waking up in the middle of the night to feel him snuggling up to me and i'd go back to sleep thinking i still had up to ten more years with him. he was playful and was always playing with me, with or without toys, and he always got into the catnip and made a mess. i can't believe he's gone so suddenly. it was a great monday until i got into the car, my mom crying and my brother sitting slumped in his seat. i was grinning and happy, ready to tell them about my day. she said she had bad news. she said she found him under the couch dead. no wounds, he was just dead. i've cried too much over this, i feel like if i cry more i'm gonna throw up. i'll never hear his little meow again, or his purr, or pet him as i'm half asleep ever again. i'm never gonna see him other than pictures on my phone ever again.

at least i know that he was happy his whole life and loved so much more than he could ever know.

Cute Black Flying Butterfly

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