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"idk what im doing anymore tbh"

23, alternative style, all about games and music

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Links+Art Stuff

Category: Art and Photography

Howdy howdy! I thought this would be a good place to post and advertise some of my art stuff! I'm a self starting artist, mainly digital but I do traditional as well! https://ko-fi.com/crowscrafts707  Here's my Kofi! This is my main area for commissions, and I'm making twitch/YouTube/discord/any emotes as well! If you're interested in my commissions, even if you're not looking to buy anything just... » Continue Reading

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About Me Page?

Category: School, College, University

I'm always bad at these, I never know what to put lol I'm 22, an OSSD System, artist and photographer. I enjoy doing makeup and might post some of my work here and there- Right now I'm getting back into poetry! It's gonna be heavy stuff if I end up posting anything, but that's because it's always been a sort of outlet for me. Haven't done it in years, and forgot how much I enjoyed it.  I roleplay ... » Continue Reading

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Art stuff! I have comms open!

Category: Art and Photography

I'm trying to be more active on different social platforms! So here's some of my art! I have emote and other commissions available on my kofi here! Kofi here! I've been out of work for almost a month, so any shares Are appreciated!!! If you have a Kofi or place to support your own art, let's all share each other's links!!! » Continue Reading

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2 months gone by already,,,

Category: Life

Haven't had the time to do much of anything the past few months, haha. After that incident of people trolling with the gore I took a break and lost track of the days.  Anyone else feel like as the years go by in the 2020s that it's like,,, getting worse? Universally there's this huge slump everyone's going through. Maybe it's just being a struggling individual in my 20s, but man. I'm tired. Can't ... » Continue Reading

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A wonderful person to follow!

Category: SpaceHey

https://spacehey.com/profile?id=1972785 Let's Keep Spacehey Safe is a wonderful person creating blog posts and raising awareness on Spacehey! They create links and such that lead directly to report profiles and blocking without having to click on or interact with trolls or other problematic people! » Continue Reading

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ANNOUNCEMENT-8/10/2023-Please be careful!

Category: SpaceHey

There's been reports of multiple new accounts having violent and disturbing imagery on their profiles. I just got sick from seeing someones profile pictures of a mutilated human face. Be careful and mindful of who adds you, for now I'm declining any and all friend requests until the devs do something about it.  I've also got multiple mutuals who will be avoiding the Spacehey sight for quite some t... » Continue Reading

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Opinions on Spacehey /pos

Category: SpaceHey

I didn't get to have a Myspace when it was popular, so this has been a new experience for me. I really enjoy it so far, and the only other forums I've ever used were the homestuck forums.  It feels very nostalgic. Social media stresses me out (I use it really only to advertise my art and stuff now), but it always feels like such a competition. You post one thing, wait for a like or comment, and th... » Continue Reading

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I forgot about this for a year and now I'm back tbh

Category: Blogging

You know I never got to actually have a Myspace as a kid. I wanna try and get into it and feed my inner child, ya know, I miss when social medias were forums and all that sort of stuff » Continue Reading

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