ANNOUNCEMENT-8/10/2023-Please be careful!

There's been reports of multiple new accounts having violent and disturbing imagery on their profiles. I just got sick from seeing someones profile pictures of a mutilated human face. Be careful and mindful of who adds you, for now I'm declining any and all friend requests until the devs do something about it. 

I've also got multiple mutuals who will be avoiding the Spacehey sight for quite some time until this is resolved-it's not edited, either. It's genuine corpses and bloodied bodies and faces, among other graphic things.

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Ineedmyeyesdipinbeerbatte...'s profile picture

fuck their gonna ruin this shit but its the internet good things go to waste

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-ˋˏZeeˎˊ-'s profile picture

The blogs aren't even save some mental fucker is posting like they are helping but in reality not putting links and posting the images

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