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Howdy howdy! I thought this would be a good place to post and advertise some of my art stuff!

I'm a self starting artist, mainly digital but I do traditional as well! Here's my Kofi! This is my main area for commissions, and I'm making twitch/YouTube/discord/any emotes as well! If you're interested in my commissions, even if you're not looking to buy anything just yet, feel free to DM me as well!! :> This is my Threadless shop! This is where I have T-shirt designs, tapestry, and art prints, and more!! And every item here also sends a small % of proceeds to various charities linked up and partnered with Threadless! This is my Linktree with everything else on it! If you ever wanna get my links, throw a tip my way, or just want to save smth with all of my links in one place, here it is!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day! Even if you're not interested in purchasing, shares and links are so, so appreciated! 

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