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2 months gone by already,,,

Haven't had the time to do much of anything the past few months, haha. After that incident of people trolling with the gore I took a break and lost track of the days. 

Anyone else feel like as the years go by in the 2020s that it's like,,, getting worse? Universally there's this huge slump everyone's going through. Maybe it's just being a struggling individual in my 20s, but man. I'm tired. Can't make much money, all that goes to bills, have no energy to do anything, can't afford basic health care, borderline poverty,,, 

It seems that anytime I get my hopes up about something it all goes to shit. So I'mma just go back to being apathetic about life I guess??? Remain in neutrality so I don't get screwed over. Bluh. I'm ready to move and go to the woods and disappear in a cabin with a cat and a dog or two. 

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