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myspace selfies 4 the myspace remake

Category: Blogging

gotta hit 'em with the three tried and true classics (myspace angle selfie, cleavage selfie, dirty bathroom mirror selfie) » Continue Reading

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some of my favorite goth/punk/hardcore etc. discussion groups on spacehey

Category: Music

this list will have more of a focus on punk/hardcore, noisy and aggressive music and also places that, at the time of writing are relatively active.  if i see more i will update this post, and let me know of more that i should add here (including your own!) groups: Make Your Own Noise - Emo, Screamo, Whatever  - highly recommend this one. it's small, but it's quite active f » Continue Reading

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some instant photos on instax wide + mint instantkon rf70

Category: Art and Photography

I have so many photos to scan, trying to motivate myself to scan them all.  I shoot Polaroid film now too but I think I will always prefer instax because I like how cool toned the colors are and it's also like a third of the price » Continue Reading

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i saw ceremony, infest and mclusky this past week

Category: Music

ceremony played rohnert park LP in full that's right baby it's 2010 and we're on the myspace remake to fully relish in it they played to a sold out crowd at the hollywood palladium which i think holds like 4000 people? kind of crazy to imagine a powerviolence band, even a legendary one like infest playing to quite literally thousands of people but it was a good time! and i got my "mclusky do dalla... » Continue Reading

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Category: Web, HTML, Tech

this is where i collect all the dumb blinkies i come across because i think they're really cute but i prefer my profile to feel a little simpler so here they live » Continue Reading

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my all-time favorite album art

Category: Music

Let me know yours as well moi Caprice - You Can't Say No Forever The Afghan Whigs - Gentlemen » Continue Reading

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my perfume collection + mini-reviews of all of them

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

• fils de dieu by état libre d’orange - this is one of my favorite spicy perfumes in the sense that it smells like actual spices you would use to flavor food. to me, it reminds me so much of chai lattes or rice pudding, but i’ve seen other people describe it smelling like steamed rice, pho, thai soup and horchata. it's a very genderless scent. i love rice pudding with cinnamon so that’s what » Continue Reading

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