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myspace selfies 4 the myspace remake

gotta hit 'em with the three tried and true classics (myspace angle selfie, cleavage selfie, dirty bathroom mirror selfie)

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Luna ☆

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Well, lacks the overexposure to be a perfect remake (also shouldn't be taken with a smartphone) xD

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I actually have a digital camera from the early 2000s I thrifted a while back, this inspired me to dig it out thank you!

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AL Treble

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Perfect in all aspect, great work diana

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thank you so much :')

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OMG X-D The only thing these are missing is you holding a Kodak EasyShare or Sony Cybershot instead of a phone. BRILLIANT!

Early on, teens used Photobucket to 3rd party post. And honestly, I can't remember if Photobucket logo stamped back then or not.

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Totally remember using Photobucket! I know they're still around but it's no longer free, and I also know that they'll release your photos under whatever email you used to upload them if you pay them a few bucks, I am tempted to do so but I am 99% sure it would just be pixel art I made on Microsoft Paint or screenshots of internet arguments I got into at the time hahaha

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As someone who has payed the $5 To access my old photo bucket pics, I highly recommend it for the cringe.

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Two kudos for you my liege

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Thank you, weary traveller

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I toiled all season so I could harvest these

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All work and no play makes gord a dull boy

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if ur tryna play with me we can rep some mtg (im taken)

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I myself and an avid supporter of dirty bathroom mirror selfies, as that comprises most pictures of me.

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The original instagram filter!

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you look so cool! :)

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Ahhh thank you so much! I love your profile! I see we both have pet tamanotchis :)

Love love the art style on your profile very much, I actually have an illustration book very similar to that style that I got recently because I find that art style so inspiring, it is called "New Retro Illustrations", I think you would really enjoy it!


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omg! It's like the most beautiful thing I'll see today!? thanks for sharing! :D
I'm going to give your tamanotchis a snack right noooow

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