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some of my favorite goth/punk/hardcore etc. discussion groups on spacehey

this list will have more of a focus on punk/hardcore, noisy and aggressive music and also places that, at the time of writing are relatively active. 

if i see more i will update this post, and let me know of more that i should add here (including your own!)


  • Make Your Own Noise - Emo, Screamo, Whatever - highly recommend this one. it's small, but it's quite active for how small it is and i really want it to keep taking off. if you're into this kind of stuff you should definitely join.
  • Real Emo Only Consists of The....... - somewhat similar to the group above but at the moment, a little less active and has more of a post-hardcore and pop-punk focus
  • GOTH - this group is not really active at the moment. i'm gonna try to post in it a little more to help it along. but the potential is definitely there
  • Obscure Music - this is more a group just about any type of leftfield/experimental music rather than 'obscure' music, but it's good and manages to span a wider range of genres.
  • GIRLS TO THE FRONT - riot grrrl group. this one still doesn't have much discussion yet but it's new and active
  • The Ashtray - a newer group about "authentic and underground 90s grunge, sludge, crust punk, riot grrrl, noise rock, grindcore, powerviolence, stoner, no wave, d-beat/UK82 hardcore punk -- and all things gritty, abrasive and grimy musically". hasn't taken off yet but the potential is there, so perhaps if more people joined it could be a well-curated space
  • INDUSTRIAL LOVERS - self-explanatory
  • slam worldwide - new group about slam metal

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i kind of want to make one for slam


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Do it!! I would join in a heartbeat I'm genuinely interested

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thnaks 4 sharingg, ijust joined some of the groups lol..
and the GOTH group layout is so beautiful omfg, i joined it when i created my account and also hope it get more active

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Ahhh glad you like it + thanks for the add!

I also love it when groups have cool layouts and wish more had them -- I still haven't actually figured out how to do it? Do you just use the same layouts as you would for a profile? I looked everywhere in the layouts section for specific ones for groups but couldn't find any mention of one so it all just looks like some sort of secret knowledge to me hahaha

by diana; ; Report

yo thats a mistery for me too--- i see some people who has a different layout of their entries too im like-- how can they do it???

by Baccara; ; Report