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i want to dye my hair :(

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makeup recs

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

makeup recs for anyone who wants them :) concealer: *NYX bare with me concealer serum, its so perfect, and it's the only one I found that I can use without foundation! they also expanded shades recently so I have one light enough to fit better than my last one! (last one still works in a pinch!) *nyx can't stop won't stop, super nice if you do full face makeup. the only time I've found the lightes... » Continue Reading

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cold and flu season tips and products.

Category: Blogging

I get chronic sinus infections and my sinuses are (usually) always blocked by something. here are my go-to's for anything nasal/cold/flu products: 1) vapor inhaler. no not a vape, I mean a Vicks vapor inhaler, or the Walgreens brand because it's the same thing for half the price. these things are amazing, whether it's allergies, a sinus infection, or a cold, they always clear me up in no time. goo... » Continue Reading

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i started a band!

Category: Music

yup! i started a band with my friends. it's called do and then die, it's inspired by an adam silver book. we are still figuring things out and just barely starting to write songs, but it's so much fun! the members ar as follows! jay(me)- vocals  bowie- violin chevy- bass, back vocals james- gutair, back vocals max- guitar, back vocals         - drums  I'm so excited, the songs we have written so f... » Continue Reading

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i got concert tickets!!!1!!!!

Category: Music

i have concert tickets to see the trinity of terror with my boyfriend! it's ice nine kills, black viel brides, and motionless in white. the concert isnt until mid september but ive never been to a metal show before and i want to be 100% prepared so i know whats going on (and i dont seem like a total dingus). so far heres what i have, let me know if i missed anything outfit, cargo shorts because mo... » Continue Reading

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all about me!!

Category: Life

screen name: jaybird / bird / 2birds b-day: may 8th  fav food: mac n cheese, ramen, or udon  fav drink: monster energy! my top ones are (in order) ultra white, ultra red, ultra rosa, ultra sunrise fav website: spacehey or youtube fav pastime: codeing, or drawing (i'm also writing a bullet journal over the summer!!) fav animal: dogs  fav show: buzzfeed unsolved or puppert history (both on youtube) ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

so one of my friends on instagram asked why i always capitalized Myspace like it was a person. I thought it might be a good idea to explain on here too! I used to be part of scenecore tumblr, a subculture based on re-inventing scene in a way that's (more) possible in the modern day. Part of that was kids posting pictures they found from googleing "scene kid" and saying things like "I wish I was ol... » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

hello! my name is jay and i use they/them (ans sometimes he/him) pronouns! I'm always looking to learn more about scene culture, especially how it was in the 2000's. i was to young to experience scene culture at its height because i was born in 2006. If any veteran Scene kids want to give me tips, I'm always up for learning more! » Continue Reading

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