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"im back babyyyy - back to updating my page"

19, too queer for pronouns (so u can use whatever lol)

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life updates

Category: Life

im back! (for now) few things: number one - i got a car! nothin fancy, but she's mine wehehehe paid 8k for her and she is my baby now - but with that comes the fact that i now have a HUGE canvas for doodles! i drove my silly and mature responsible adult ass to the craft store and dollar store for some paint pens and have been drawing all over the inside of the car. i love it tho, it makes it more ... » Continue Reading

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first day of the winter semester

Category: Blogging

after the absolute HELL that was last semester's exam season, brought on mostly by ONE SINGLE PROFESSOR (SERIOUSLY WHO SCHEDULES AN EXAM FOR 9pm ON A SATURDAY), i was not looking forward to this semester however! while im not exactly looking forward to school, i am excited to learn the stuff from my classes, bc ive got some pretty interesting ones this sem ive got a philosophy class on DEATH, so i... » Continue Reading

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disappearing code???

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

okay so idrk what exactly happened but basically i went to go edit my profile on the mobile app bc i wanted cool goth ppl to know that even though my profile is rlly plain rn i plan on making it look really cool i swear and that im just like them PLEASE LOVE ME but anyways when i went to go edit my about me, it put all my code and text into a css section at the bottom that only showed up on the ap... » Continue Reading

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what to post

Category: Blogging

i never know what to do on this site i wont lie im mostly here bc i can code my profile using html which has been rlly fun to learn lmao but ive been ruined by tiktok and stuff that just shove content in ur face 24/7, i dont know how to actually go out there and interact with other real ppl on a website and it sucks ngl i wanna be more active on here but honestly i never know anything to post and ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Art and Photography

kandi reveal!!!!1! the first pic is of all of my magnus archives kandi ive made, as (as it says on my profile) i LOVE tma the second pic is of some of my fave ones ive made, but its not all my kandi, i still have a whole drawer of them (and a box somewhere, my partner accidentally lost it lo » Continue Reading

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