what to post

i never know what to do on this site i wont lie

im mostly here bc i can code my profile using html which has been rlly fun to learn lmao

but ive been ruined by tiktok and stuff that just shove content in ur face 24/7, i dont know how to actually go out there and interact with other real ppl on a website and it sucks ngl

i wanna be more active on here but honestly i never know anything to post and im scared of talking to new ppl DX

i dont lead a particularly interesting life unless i go to the bar with sum friends lmao so i never have anything cool to say

but i am having a blast looking at everyone's cool profiles! yall have such talent istg (or ur rlly good at copy and paste - no judgement lmao its a decent trick, i do it all the time)

i just wish i didnt have to reteach myself that the internet is meant to make communicating and socialising better, not just for content lol

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