first day of the winter semester

after the absolute HELL that was last semester's exam season, brought on mostly by ONE SINGLE PROFESSOR (SERIOUSLY WHO SCHEDULES AN EXAM FOR 9pm ON A SATURDAY), i was not looking forward to this semester


while im not exactly looking forward to school, i am excited to learn the stuff from my classes, bc ive got some pretty interesting ones this sem

ive got a philosophy class on DEATH, so im really stoked

however my first class of the day is logic at 10am (which doesnt sound too late but im a lazy bitch who likes to sleep in till 12 DX), which is the closest my major will ever come to having a math class (i hate math </3), AND ITS RUN BY THE PROBLEMATIC PROF FROM LAST SEMESTER

hes not problematic by the more modern use of the word, just that hes SOOOOO BORINGGGGG

he speaks like how the colour desaturated beige looks

when u think of a dull philosophy professor, hes worse

but i am excited for this logic class bc its the kind of math where it makes a bit more sense in my brain but alas

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