disappearing code???

okay so idrk what exactly happened but basically i went to go edit my profile on the mobile app bc i wanted cool goth ppl to know that even though my profile is rlly plain rn i plan on making it look really cool i swear and that im just like them PLEASE LOVE ME

but anyways when i went to go edit my about me, it put all my code and text into a css section at the bottom that only showed up on the app??? but it completely reformatted it, left some unimportant (but important to me bc it helped me stay organised) text where it was originally, and just completely messed up the code i spent hours working on DX

i decided to just scrap it all anyways, bc honestly i was way too overwhelmed to sort thru and salvage parts of it. plus i wasnt rlly feeling the old layout, so im gonna do my own thing this time. i wanna try and get better at coding in html, but to do that, i need to stop relying as heavily on what other people have done with their layouts, and i need to not copy and paste as much lmao

its still handy to copy paste sometimes, but im only gonna use it when i understand/could just write the code myself

anyways i was wondering if anyone else had this issue, or if someone could explain what happened (please be patient with me, ive never done anything like this before DX), or i guess im just writing this as a warning if it was just a bug? idk if its something I did or if it was a bug or whatnot, but still, pissed me off a bit lol

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