kandi reveal!!!!1!

the first pic is of all of my magnus archives kandi ive made, as (as it says on my profile) i LOVE tma

the second pic is of some of my fave ones ive made, but its not all my kandi, i still have a whole drawer of them (and a box somewhere, my partner accidentally lost it lol)i have spent way too much time and money on this hobby DX

trying to move all my beads with me to school was such a struggle bc theres JUST. SO. MANY. (subtle flex B) )

i literally make all of my kandi knowing i have nowhere to wear it (because i dont rlly like the feeling of actually wearing it ironically enough LMAO - and also i live in a smaller area where this sort of stuff isnt too popular) and that nobody is gonna wanna trade with me in person, but man its fun lol

one of these days ill get to go to a rave irl instead of living vicariously thru ppl online (TnT)

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!ScreamingMoths! {Dutch/English}

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I LOVE UR KANDI COLLECTION!! what does the long necklace say/what is it a reference to?:D

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thanks! its a reference to a meme from the magnus archives, one of my fave horror podcasts! if you want the full thing you can probably look up the "jurgen leitner rant" and youll find it lol

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Nice Kandi, would eat

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thanks but as someone who does eat the beads by mistake (lizard brain takes over sometimes and i just gotta munch) occasionally i wouldnt reccommend

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I’ll take your word for it

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