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Category: SpaceHey

i hate user drama as much as all of y'all, but i needed to speak about this. my friend turmoil had an argument with their ex, which ended up with their ex doxxing and harassing them. i'm not completely sure of all the details, but i know turmoil did nothing but defend themself. their ex keeps reporting their accounts, so turmoil keeps getting banned for no reason. they have contacted support but t... » Continue Reading

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frantic fanfic memes turmoil vs steve harvey style

Category: Friends

procrasinating school stuff so i made some ff memes » Continue Reading

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homestuck^2 profile pictures!!

Category: Art and Photography

i was bored so i made some hs^2 pfps :3 no credit needed, just comment if using!!  VRISSY TAVROS » Continue Reading

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any scene/emo people from serbia??

Category: Life

please friend me i wanna meet more alternative ppl from the same country as me » Continue Reading

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homestuck trollsona :3

Category: Art and Photography

if anyone's doing homestuck roleplays lmk i'll probz b using this character if i ever roleplay EDIT: i made a roleplay account!! :3 » Continue Reading

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dirk strider x obama

Category: Art and Photography

it's implied in the homestuck epilogues (candy 39) and im fucked up so i drew it if y'all need these 4 anything feel free to use them :3 (credit isn't needed but i'd apreciate it)  base used was made by Kiki Taiga  » Continue Reading

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the magnus archives fans please interract

Category: Podcast

i'm re-listening to tma and i need people to talk to abt it it's literally taking over my brain » Continue Reading

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in case i die

Category: Life

i just got this idea, but if  i ever die i wanna be cremated and i want my ashes mixed with betty crocker cake mix and served as cake at my corpse party edit: also i want everyone to be wearing jorts (posting this as a blog and not a bulletin so it doesn't autodelete, i doubt i'll be dying in 10 days) (it has to be betty crocker cuz even my funeral has to be a homestuck reference) » Continue Reading

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