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frantic fanfic memes turmoil vs steve harvey style

procrasinating school stuff so i made some ff memes

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spongepurt 🐋

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Turmoil is such a badass
They stole Omori's kill
Omori and Jerma fought and Jerma Died
And Turmoil came by and stole that kill
(Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo)
Fear Turmoil

They are killing everyone
They are the best in killing
Oh please don't kill me
Please do not kill me
I beg of you

Turmoil is a badass

Oh yeah the name is D. Strider
And I live in fear
'Cause every step I take
Turmoil could be here
Waiting to beat me up
Like Steve Harvey
I can't think of a word that rhymes with Harvey

(ok i can't make anything else he's saying from this point i'd appreciate it if u gave us the lyirics to the turmoil song)

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i have the og from frantic fanfic copied somewhere i'll go find it

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(cue the uhh ukelela or whatever and drums) "turmoil is such a badass!! yea!! they stole omoris kill!!!!!!! omori and jerma fought and jerma died!!! and turmoil came by and stole that kill!!! dodododododo fear turmoil!! they are killing everyonee!! they are the best at killing and uhh please dont kill mee!!! pleasee do not kill me!!! i beg of you!! turmoil is a badass!!!!"
(written by ollie)

"oh yeah the name is d strider and i live in fear
cuz every step i take turmoil could be near
waiting to beat me up like steve harvey
i cant think of a word that names with harvey
(continue the song plz -ms)

" chillin at arbys lookin dead sorry,
this news has stumbled to me it seemed rowdy. ( i can't keep cooking this dawg i burnt the fucking kitchen w this - turmoil ) "

by mS p41nT!!; ; Report

thank yuo

by spongepurt 🐋; ; Report